About us

APOEL Supporters Trust was set up in 2013 to collectively express the opinions and concerns of a group of APOEL supporters, particularly in relation to governance, with a primary focus on the long-term viability of APOEL.

We pursue regular contact and dialogue with the governing bodies of APOEL (both club  and company) in order to convey our concerns and opinions, aiming ultimately at achieving improvements in governance. Our voice is also expressed institutionally, at the AGM of APOEL FC, at which we participate as shareholders.

All members of APOEL Supporters Trust are equal, each with one vote, full voting rights, and an equal say in the club’s running and organisation.

Our vision for APOEL:

  • Financially stable and sustainable, systematically meeting all its financial obligations
  • United, indivisible and solidary (club and company)
  • De-politicised and respectful of all socio-political convictions
  • Respecting its supporters as an integral part of its activity and not as customers
  • Pursuing transparency, dialogue and active participation of its supporters in its governance
  • A club which supporters want to be associated with and become a member of
  • Exploiting its clout in a socially responsible manner

We are not a fan club and our objectives do not include the activities of that nature such as chants, marches or banners, nor do we pursue ticket allocations for games.

APOEL Supporters Trust is a registered club with registration number 4007 and you can find our statutes here

You can contact us at info@apoelsupporterstrust.com